Design of Fuzzy Expert System for Evaluation of Contemporary User Authentication Methods Intended for Mobile Devices

Dragan Korac, Dejan Simi?


In this paper, the Fuzzy Expert System (FES) for evaluating contemporary user authentication methods intended for mobile devices is designed and applied. The parameters used as input for this FES are user’s priorities such as security, usability, accessibility, pricing, complexity and privacy (SUAPCP) and the output parameter is evaluation (grade) of mobile solutions. The results obtained from developed fuzzy expert systems indicate that proposed systems can be effectively used for evaluation of contemporary user authentication methods intended for mobile devices. The strength of presented FES is assignment of a concrete numeric value to a specific mobile authentication solution. This FES should have profound positive impact not only on the better quantification of mobile authentication solutions but also on aspect of filling gaps in the current researches such as creating strong mobile authentication in regard to user’s priorities. Finally, it is necessary to be noted that the designed FES would not be limited only to mobile context but could be applied to all authentication approaches.


Expert system, fuzzy logic, fuzzy rules, mobile solutions, user authentication.

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